Commercial litigation

In the arena of commercial litigation, each dispute – be it concerning contract non-performance, partnership dissolution, liability challenges, or other matters – demands a swift and customized response to minimize the impact on the company’s operations. Addressing these challenges necessitates both agility and nuanced expertise, characteristics that Joulie Avocats is well-positioned to deliver.

Our approach:

Our agility and expertise enable us to intervene rapidly, deploying effective strategies at every stage of litigation, from pre-litigation to enforcement.

With 25 years’ experience in commercial litigation, our firm has cultivated a versatile range of expertise, tailored to different specific needs.

Our commitment:

We commit to providing steadfast and determined representation, ensuring not only the protection of your interests but also the achievement of your objectives.

Our balanced approach and mastery of legal procedures guarantee robust representation, whether actively pursuing your rights or defending with determination.

Our range of expertise includes:

  • Contract non-performance,
  • Termination of negotiations, partnerships, established commercial relationships,
  • Tortious and contractual liability,
  • Defective product management and industrial risks,
  • Non-compliant sales,
  • Law of commercial agents and franchise agreements.
  • Unfair competition and unfair solicitation of clientele or suppliers,
  • Debt recovery,
  • Implementation of indemnity guarantees, post-acquisition price revision clauses,
  • Shareholders’ disputes,
  • Collective proceedings and distressed companies: preventive safeguarding, declaration of cessation of payments, submission of claims, proceedings before the supervisory judge,
  • International law: implementation of conservatory measures abroad (mareva), debt recovery abroad.


Examples of Cases:

Representation and assistance of a subcontractor in the automotive industry regarding compensation for abrupt and abusive termination of an established commercial relationship.
Result: The subcontractor will be compensated.

Representation and assistance
as a plaintiff, for a software publisher seeking compensation for damages following a fire at the data centers of its hosting provider.
Result: The hosting provider will be ordered to compensate the publisher.

Representation and assistance,
in defense, of a major French construction group in the enforcement of a final judgment to pay €42 million ordered by an appellate court.
Result: The client will only pay €5 million.

Representation and assistance, as a plaintiff, for a French company to conservatively seize all Canadian assets of its debtor.
Result: Freeze of the debtor’s entire assets in Canada obtained, including a villa valued at $2,300,000.

Representation and assistance, as a plaintiff, for a cosmetics company in the case of abrupt termination of commercial relationships and refusal of the partner to settle invoices.
Result: Obtained an interim order condemning the partner to pay all invoices and compensation.

Representation and assistance, in defense, of a major French energy group facing a claim for €5 million in damages for alleged fraudulent maneuvers in the conclusion of a contract.
Result: The partner’s claim is dismissed.

Representation and assistance,
in defense, of a mining and metallurgical company against a leading French maritime transport group claiming payment of freight and estuary invoices totaling €500,000.
Result: The plaintiff’s claim is dismissed.

Representation and assistance, in defense, of a