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Outsourced legal management for SMEs and SMIs

Serving SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), Joulie Avocats offers a flexible solution for outsourced legal management, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.

Based on a prior agreement regarding the number of dedicated monthly or weekly days for the company, our firm is fully and physically dedicated to your business. We take charge of and oversee all your legal needs, ensuring comprehensive and efficient management:

  • Corporate Life: We handle routine operations such as the approval of accounts, dividend distributions, modifications to statutes, capital, and executives, ensuring rigorous compliance.
  • Contract Management: With suppliers, partners, and clients, we ensure proactive contract management, ensuring a strong and secure business relationship.
  • Employment Contract Management: We ensure meticulous management of employment contracts, contributing to harmonious and regulation-compliant professional relationships.
  • Lease Management: We handle lease management, ensuring smooth real estate transactions.
  • Litigation Management: In case of disputes, our legal expertise comes into play for effective and strategic litigation management, best preserving the interests of your company.

This dedicated and outsourced approach aims to provide you with tail-made legal direction, adapted to the size and specific needs of your business. Joulie Avocats is committed to being your complete legal partner.