Patent and trademark attorneys

Maître Emmanuel de Marcellus holds a certificate of specialization in intellectual property law. He is a former president of APRAM (Association des Professionnels des Marques et des Dessins et Modèles) and a member of the board of APEB (Association des Praticiens Européens des Brevets).

With 5 years’ professional experience in a renowned niche patent and trademark firm (SCP Clery de la Myre Mory & Monegier du Sorbier) and 6 years in a UK firm (Linklaters LLP), he brings a wealth of experience to his role. He subsequently spent 4 years as a partner at Alverny Demont, where he initiated and developed the intellectual property department.

His expertise covers all aspects of patent rights, trademarks, software, designs, copyright and unfair competition, both in consulting and litigation. He is particularly renowned in the field of patent litigation.

Emmanuel has been actively involved in numerous audits of trademark and patent portfolios in the context of corporate transactions and collaborations, notably in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.


Maître Juliette Disser holds a master’s degree in intellectual property from CEIPI, and has significant experience in trademark, patent and design law. She is actively involved in judicial and administrative litigation, particularly in the fields of trademarks, domain names and copyright.

A large part of her professional activity involves providing advice and assistance. Drawing on her experience and business acumen, she assists clients with their day-to-day legal issues in intellectual property law (consulting, contracts, trademark strategy, etc.) as well as in information technology law (software, databases) and Internet law (domain names, general terms of use, CNIL compliance, etc.).