Other competencies


Joulie Avocats specializes in medical liability and compensation for bodily harm:

  • Litigation related to defective pharmaceutical products,
  • Litigation related to medical accidents.


Examples of cases:

Representation and assistance for a victim of a defective hip prosthesis installation.
Result: Signing of a settlement agreement.

Representation and assistance for a victim of medical malpractice.
Result: Compensation for the victim amounting to €4 million.

Representation and assistance for 170 victims of the Mediator: Compensation for physical sequelae and compensation for moral prejudice.
Result: Settlement agreements signed for physical sequelae, and compensation ranging from 20,000 to 60,000 euros for the moral prejudice of the victims.


  • Estate litigation,
  • Property litigation, contractual rights of return.


Examples of cases:

Representation and assistance of heirs in the challenge by one heir of donations made after the donor’s death.

Action for the liquidation and division of an estate composed of numerous real estate properties.

Representation and assistance of a creditor in the recovery of a debt against an undivided estate.

Action to recover funds (€44 million) held in a trust in Panama in the context of the implementation of a right of return associated with a donation.


Joulie Avocats, through Maître Anne-Hortense Joulie, can assist you in the context of mediation, whether it is judicial, conventional (ad hoc), or act as a mediator.

Maître Anne-Hortense Joulie has been trained in mediation for over 20 years, at a time when this method of dispute resolution was still relatively unknown and underutilized.

Mediation stands as one of the amicable approaches to dispute resolution. It involves a structured process wherein two or more parties willingly strive to achieve a mutually agreeable settlement of their differences. This is facilitated by a neutral, independent, and impartial third party, proficient in mediation tools – the mediator. The mediator is selected by the involved parties or appointed, with their consent, by the judge handling the dispute.

Joulie Avocats is at your disposal for more information on the process and conditions of mediation.


The law firm Joulie Avocats also acts, as a secondary activity, as a representative in real estate transactions, with Maître Anne-Hortense Joulie duly registered with the Paris Bar Association for this purpose.

The firm can thus receive mandates for the sale, purchase, lease, or property search. Engaging a lawyer as a representative in real estate transactions offers a unique advantage due to their dual expertise in advisory matters and litigation. Lawyers are familiar with potential problem areas, legal issues that may lead to disputes, and how to prevent them.

Lawyers are the sole representatives who will advocate for your interests, not only during the drafting of documents but, if necessary, also in litigation, similar to the practice in Anglo-Saxon countries.

The guarantees provided by lawyers acting as representatives in real estate transactions include, firstly, the guarantee of non-disclosure of funds up to 35 million euros and, secondly, the professional liability insurance held by the lawyer.


Litigation provides the best training for contract drafting. Joulie Avocats draft your contracts to your exact specifications, following an in-depth analysis of your specific needs.

  • Commercial contracts,
  • Commercial partnerships,
  • General terms of sale and purchase,
  • Supply contracts,
  • Subcontracting agreements,
  • Construction contracts.