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Banking and stock market law

At the heart of the banking and financial sector, our firm plays a crucial role as an advisor, informant, representative, and assistant in all your projects and procedures.

Banking and Financial Law:

Our involvement in banking and financial law stands out with two primary missions: advisory services and assistance in disputes. Our clients, whether they are companies, banks, credit and financial institutions, or investors, benefit from first-rate representation. Common disputes in this field revolve around issues of advisory negligence, warning, information disclosure, debt, APR (annual percentage rate), collateral, guarantee, and seizure.

The firm also supports financial professionals (PSI, CIF) in the rigorous application of financial regulations. Our in-depth knowledge of banking and financial regulations enables us to find solutions to banking disputes, whether through amicable resolution or legal proceedings before the relevant courts.

Bank dept recovery:

In the field of recovery, our firm assists banks, providing services ranging from simple debt collection to real estate seizure. Our strategic approach and legal expertise allow us to optimize the recovery of debts with efficiency and professionalism.

Examples of cases : 

Representation and assistance to a CGPI (Independent Wealth Management Advisor) against insurers and another CGPI, seeking payment of management fees for life insurance contracts following replacement orders for policyholders.

Development of terms of use for a credit card for a leading bank.

Representation and assistance to a bank in the recovery of its outstanding debts.