Real estate litigation and construction litigation

In the complex realms of real estate and construction litigation, our firm stands out for its comprehensive expertise covering a broad spectrum of actions and disputes.

We represent a diverse clientele, including individuals, companies, investors, real estate agents, institutional entities, and developers.

We provide robust and strategic solutions to all our clients, whether they act as project owners, suppliers, subcontractors, public establishments for land development and construction (EPERS), or other stakeholders.

Construction Litigation:

  • Disputes between project owners and construction companies
  • Defense of engineering and construction economists
  • Defense of manufacturers and industrial suppliers of construction materials

Commercial Lease Litigation:

  • Lease terminations and eviction compensation
  • Renewal of commercial leases
  • Removal of the upper rental limit

Real Estate Sales Litigation:

  • Actions for completion of the sale
  • Actions for the restitution of immobilization fees

    Our unwavering commitment in each case ensures our clients effective representation and favorable outcomes in the most challenging situations of real estate and construction litigation.

Examples of Cases:

Representation and assistance of a landlord whose tenant transferred the lease despite the landlord’s refusal, disguising the transfer as a transfer of the business.
Result: The court requalifies the transfer of the business as a lease transfer and orders the reinstatement of the tenant and payment of rents.

Assistance to a landlord in negotiating the early termination of the lease by the tenant.

Representation and assistance of a real estate buyer to whom the seller had concealed work to be carried out on the common areas of the building.
Result: Obtaining the annulment of the €3.1 million sale due to the seller’s fraud and compensation for the buyer.

Obtaining compensation for a displaced buyer who was the first to make an offer at the price.
Result: The displaced buyer is compensated for his loss by the seller, and the buyer who eventually acquired the building chooses to leave the building to the client against the compensation owed by the seller to the displaced buyer.

Representation and assistance of a promisee against a property developer for the return of the immobilization indemnity due by the property developer, who did not take sufficient steps to obtain the building permit.
Result: The property developer is condemned to return the entire immobilization indemnity with late interest.

Representation and assistance of a project owner against a company that declared bankruptcy immediately after cashing its fees, despite the absence of any work carried out.
Result: Obtaining the personal condemnation of the company’s associates to reimburse the project owner.

Representation and assistance of a consortium of companies in a conflict against a leading French construction group.
Result: Obtaining, in summary proceedings, the condemnation of the French group to pay all the invoices that it refused to settle, and obtaining the appointment of a judicial expert; drafting of a settlement agreement definitively ending the ongoing judicial expertise.

Representation and assistance of engineering firms and manufacturers of construction materials in the recovery of their invoices.

Representation and assistance of landlords in the payment of unpaid rents and the eviction of their tenants (commercial leases).

Representation and assistance of real estate developers and project owners in the implementation of ten-year liability insurance.