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Known for its pugnacity, Joulie Avocats is a firm specializing in business litigation, standing out for its energetic and effective attack strategies. An expert in summary proceedings, Joulie Avocats excels in both in futurum measures (building up evidence before trial) and precautionary measures, in France and abroad.

Well-versed in industrial, technical, and financial legal appraisals, Joulie Avocats owes the excellence of its results to the dual training of its partners, who hold qualifications in both law and quantitative disciplines. The firm is also renowned for its expertise in damage assessment.

Joulie Avocats guides its clients in the resolution of both national and international commercial disputes, leveraging various alternative dispute resolution methods. These include ad hoc and judicial mediation, conciliation, and collaborative law when deemed suitable. 

Distinguished by excellence, responsiveness, and flexibility, this boutique firm has honed its skills through training affiliations with globally renowned business law firms. Moreover, Joulie Avocats strategically collaborates with leading counterparts in the field to adeptly navigate and resolve intricate international cases.

Renowned for its efficiency, Joulie Avocats offers the professionalism of the best lawyers in Paris at a competitive price.

Joulie Avocats has been ranked by Décideurs Juridiques in the “Strong Notoriety” category.